Saturday, July 30, 2011

Boom and Bust

So everyone is prone to it especially us crafters you know when you buy everything you need for that special project and lo and behold four years later the project still isn't done?
Well today I finished up my son Beau's 8x8 pregnancy album. These are the last two pages. Time wise you can say it was timely as he is only ten months old! I was worried about it because I am having another baby in three short months. Of which I have no idea what I am going to do for her, heck I cannot even find a name. Poor thing. So as I reach the momentous culmination of this small project it made me think of all the booms and bust in my crafty life.
The Scarf for Wayne that stalled out
My wedding album
Several small scrap books/items that were bought with some eventual use
An 6x6 album for Susan's son Nicky
Week in review albums for 2008 and 2009
A mini wedding album
8x8 album for Beau
8x8 album for Scarlett
ABC album all in basic grey of characters from my stories
three purses
a ZILLION scrap booking pages
Of all my achievements I am most proud of my ABC album. It was a lot of work and it was hard to keep motivated but I love how it turned out. I think when achieving big things that having a goal is important. How many projects have I spent my money on without a clear idea what it was going to be or when it needed to be done and now the materials is just junk too important to throw away and not important enough to get back to work on, well the exception might be my Wedding photo album.
So as I finish up the small album I really want to get caught up in my scrap booking. I did the unthinkable and counted out the pictures I had printed and sorted them into "pages" and I had pictures for 142 pages not counting any new pictures taken/printed. So how can I catch up? One page at a time. Where as a goal of 47 pages a month seems insurmountable, two pages a day, seems easy enough. Especially since I have been doing that recently. Even if I do HALF that many that is 20 pages which will at least put a dent in my back log.
So what are your August goals?
Do you have any Bust projects you can finish and redeem yourself one?
What Boom projects are you proud of?

Friday, July 29, 2011

2007 really?

OK I started this blog on June 25Th 2007 which I might add is over 4 years ago?

So I have included a page from July 20, 2007 done in a 8x8 versus the page I last did July 27 2011 in 12x12.

So if I looked at my life in 2007 and compared it to my life today what is different?

In 2007 I had three kids. Andrew who was 17, Tyler who was 11 and Quinn who was six. Today Andrew is on his own with a two year old son. Tyler is 15 and back after a really rough 18 months and the an addition six months away. Quinn is ten and lives with her father after a pretty nasty custody battle which not only did I lose I lost in a very big way.

What I didn't have in 2007 what the hope of ever having any more children in August 2007 Wayne and I gave up on fertility treatment as we had invested all the money we were willing to into that rabbit hole.

On February 26 2008 I found out I was pregnant and on October 29Th we welcomes Scarlett into out family. However when she arrived she was the only child we had at home. When she was five months old I got pregnant again only to have a miscarriage in the end of May. Before Christmas when "Scout" would have been born I got pregnant twice more only to have early losses. Each loss was diagnosed as something non repeatable and my doctor actually said I had a combination of bad luck and old eggs.

After 2009 dealing with my loss of custody and the loss of three babies 2010 started off with another positive pregnancy test and my son Tyler coming home. In early September Bla Bla Bla the Third joined our family, under the Nick Name Beau because really who needs two Waynes?

This year 2011 again started with a big surprise ANOTHER positive pregnancy test? OK after ten years infertility before Quinn was born and seven years before Scarlett coming around this hyper fertility was blowing my mind. Especially since Beau was exclusively breastfed and I wasn't supposed to have to worry about getting pregnant. I can honestly say that I finally got pregnant sharing soap with my husband! So here we are waiting to welcome a new baby girl to our family in early November this year.

Things that are the same as before? My husband, my house, me, our lack of money, my love of scrap booking. When I think about then versus now it is always the kids that come up. When I made my scrapbooks for them I always thought it was for them in case something happened to be me after all Aunt died when she was 39 years old, I never imagined they would be the ones gone.

Coming soon the life of a crabby pregnant scrapbooker...